Peraiyur temple

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New website available :

About us :

We are the Main Gurukkal of this temple.Through this website you can directly contact the GURUKKAL who Know's to do the Poojas Professionally. 

This website is used for Peoples who are searching for Doing Naga Parigara Poojai.

This Website was launched before 8years. 

Some Unauthorized Persons are misusing  Paraigara Poojai Details who are not Professional(Gurukkal).So Beware of Unprofessional Peoples those who contact you or you contact them.

Through this website so many peoples worshiped Ragu Kaethu and got blessed Peacefully.

Lord Shiva with his Royal Consort is here and known by the name Naganathar.

This holy place is a 'parigaras thalam' it means if any malific effect in an individuals horoscope will be rectified by offering prayers here. This holy place is especially rectifying the ill-effects caused by planets Raagu and Ketu in the Hindu religion. Hinderence in marriage, delays in child birth, Kala Sarpa thosa parikaram can be done for oneself. 

Here we do "NAGAPRADISTAI" for those who have

  1. Nagathosam
  2. Kalasharpathosam
  3. Mangalyathosam
  4. Puthrathosam
  5. Sarppa thosam 
  6. Raagu kaethu thosam.

what is meant by nagapradistai?

Nagapradistai is  one kind of "Omam" 
its depends upon Vedha mantram poojai its take 1hour to do it.Its start with Ganapathy poojai,Kumbam poojai,Nagar poojai,VedhaJabam,Vedha Omam,Poornavathi poojai then finally all kind of Abishekam for Nagaraja.

Many of the peoples were doing this Nagapradistai and getting release from ill effect caused by Thosam and same all of them getting thosam Nivarthi by doing this.People can book their date to do this Nagapradistai Advancely before two days. 

And Specially Sangu abishekam also done can see sample sangu alangaram in picure gallery.Family members were doing this for Family Relationship to be strong and peaceful.After finishing the Saangu pradistai those sangu were deticated to Lord shiva as Abishekam(only milk). people can book their date to do this Sangu abishekam for Lord Naganadhaswamy(ShivaPeruman).

AauishaOmam , Navagraha omam, Ganapathy Omam, and Sada Abisegam are also we doing here.



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